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Be Careful What You Wish For
Dec 20 . 2016  

Especially when it comes to customers. “The goal of business should not be to simply sell to anyone who wants what you have – the majority – but rather to find people who believe what you believe.” Sound familiar? If you watched his TED talk or read the global bestseller Start with Why by Simon ...

5 Simple Steps to Get a Customer Review

It’s not as hard as you think! The moment a customer or client meets with an issue in your business or encounters a problem with your product, you hear about it. Can anybody relate? But how often do you hear from them with good news? No doubt you have an amazing product or service which ...

The Biggest Mistake Businesses Make

Make sure you aren’t one of them! “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.” In business, I think it’s fair to say that learning from your mistakes can be quite costly. One minor slip-up could lose a potential customer, loyal client, or even an entire account. Ouch. Working closely with small business owners, I’ve learned a ...

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