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3 Ways to WOW your Customers and Win More Sales

3 Ways to WOW your Customers and Win More Sales

Feb 14 . 2017  

Can you remember the last time a business made you go “WOW”?

If you are struggling to remember than it’s highly likely your own customers are in the same boat….it’s a little unsettling isn’t it?

I started using the term “wow” because often after an amazing customer experience I would find myself saying “wow” and rave about that experience to all my colleagues, friends and family not to mention becoming a loyal customer of these businesses.

However these situations are quite rare and was further validated after a recent string of speaking gigs where I asked the audience “When is the last time you were “wow’d by a business” and almost always was followed by….silence.

It really got me thinking as to the simple but powerful ways you can wow your customers in a way that makes you stand out as the business that actually cares about its customers.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about being all warm and fuzzy just for the sake of it and to spread some “feel good” vibes out into the WORLD (although that is a nice ripple effect don’t you think?).

Caring about Customers = Customer Loyalty = MORE SALES (either through repeat purchases, increasing your current transaction value or more referrals).

Here are my top 3 ways to WOW your customers, start creating loyal clients and boost your profits without having to chase new leads:

1. Thank your Customers

Appreciation wins over self-promotion every time so take the opportunity to thank your customers for their purchase, their business, their referral, for choosing to do business with YOU. You have already sold them on your product or service – the next step is to build a long term relationship that turns them into a loyal client and appreciation is a key part of that process.

2. Celebrate Your Customers

How well do you know your customers at a personal level? Wether it’s sending a Birthday Card or special Mother’s Day gift or any other milestone you’re aware of take the time to celebrate them.

Tip: Make sure you never sell at the same time.

  1. Add value to your customers

    How can you add value to your customer? Once again this comes down to how well you truly understand and anticipate the deepest needs of your customer/client and finding a better way to meet their needs.

    Are you doing everything in your power to help them get the desired result they want with your product/service? Can you reward your best clients in addition to what your core clients are receiving? Are you giving back outside of the sale transaction?

    “You’ve got to add more value to your customers than anyone else does. The more you are able to add value to your customer, the more you dominate the marketplace.”


    Caring about your customers creates loyal clients, and if you know how to take it to the next level you’re able to create raving fans customers. If this is something you aspire to in your business then my “Monetise Raving Fans” 2 Day Workshop might be the right fit for you – to find out if your business qualifies just shoot through an email here.

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