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5 Reasons I LOVE Blogging to Boost my Business

5 Reasons I LOVE Blogging to Boost my Business

Oct 17 . 2017  

And why you will too!

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved writing. I’m a card sender and I always speak from the heart, and I believe it’s why people love receiving my cards so much and are always touched emotionally by them.

But earlier this year I learnt how I can apply this love to business and start blogging to boost my own business. It’s been 8 months (of on and off blogging – I’ll save that for another day!) and I want to share five reasons you will love blogging too.

1. It’s a creative outlet for all the wealth of knowledge and experience stored in my brain (of which during this pregnancy especially is in overdrive!)

I love writing and expressing my thoughts and feelings! But when this translates to business and adding value to others and attracting new qualified leads that I can genuinely help – and convert into sales for me? It’s the icing on the cake.


2. Helps me stand out from everyone else

I care about helping businesses create loyal clients and boost their profits – it takes time and effort to sit down and write useful information that can benefit my target market and add value to their life. Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Hell yeah. It takes a certain type of person to go out of their way to do that – so naturally I stand out from the rest of the noise bombarding social media and the online world.


3. Establishes my authority and expertise

Some days I even surprise myself with the quality of content I put out and the value I provide! Seriously! Did it start out this way when I first started blogging? Umm no, not quite. Before I learnt the structure of writing a blog I was just expressing my thoughts and feelings with no clear strategy or keeping in mind who I was speaking to. It’s impossible to create your own original content which provides value and helps solve a problem unless you’re an authority in your field and you have the experience and knowledge to back it up. Writing my own content has even shown me during my times of doubt and fear in building a new business that I have a lot to offer – it’s been a huge driving force for me during the ups and downs of this journey!


4. Attract my ideal client

Recently I changed my business model and with that came fear, doubt, and confusion about not only what I was doing but also who I wanted to attract as my ideal client and who could benefit the most from my services. This is a work in progress however I have come leaps and bounds and made major breakthroughs, and with each of these I’m conscious of who I’m speaking to each time I write my business blog. When you understand who your business bestie is you start to attract them and I’ve noticed this start to happen for me recently! Nothing better than working with people you love and know you can help.


5. Convert sales (yay!!)

Ultimately if we want to survive in business and help more people – we need to be making money right? The key is to be consistent, plan ahead, speak to your audience, add massive value and always have a call to action. I have a Two Day Business Workshop coming up in November – so I’ve been planning all my content around that call to action in my blogs. I’ve been providing massive value and speaking to my business bestie – how do I know this? Because I converted two sales that came directly from recent blogs. Can you monetise your blogs? YES. Do you need to understand the strategy behind doing so?


Which is why I highly recommend you attend Elizabeth Campbells Blog to Boost Your Business workshop. I loved it and I know you will too, so will your bottom line.

PS Make sure you mention Janja Bojanic (me!) and that you read this blog – not only will it make her day but she will look after you – I am her “Business Bestie” after all

PPS I’ve created another value packed resource for service based business owners looking to create loyal clients and boost their profits without having to chase new leads. I know you will love it, you can grab a copy here.


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