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5 Simple Steps to Get a Customer Review

5 Simple Steps to Get a Customer Review

Dec 13 . 2016  

It’s not as hard as you think!

The moment a customer or client meets with an issue in your business or encounters a problem with your product, you hear about it. Can anybody relate?

But how often do you hear from them with good news?

No doubt you have an amazing product or service which your customers absolutely love, but you may not know that! You need to because that kind of satisfaction and pride lives in the heart of every good business person. Knowing that you are contributing positively to someone’s life feels highly motivating.

Plus, you want to plaster it to your Facebook page so everyone else knows you’re awesome. Am I the only one?

Recently my husband got a haircut from a hairdresser who is my client. She raved to my hubby about how much I’ve helped grow her customer loyalty and the ripple effect it has had on the business.

I honestly had no idea about this!

Her praise sounded like music to my ears. Because of a strategy I recommended, this client now gets showered with flowers, home-made sweets, and more visits from customers.  How awesome is that?!?!?

And I never knew it.

Folks, you’ve got to get out there and connect with your customers. Invest the time to find out what they really think of you and the products or services you offer.

Then ask.

Follow these steps to ask customers and clients for a review or testimonial.

  1. Make it personal: If you value your customers’ opinions about your business and ask for a favour, a mass generic email isn’t going to cut it. Either call them or text them personally (you should know which communication style your customer prefers). If you feel an email is the best way to communicate with them, then make sure it’s personalized and follow up with a text or phone call.
  2. Ask them, directly, if they are happy with your service (if they say no, seize the opportunity to hear feedback and improve instead of losing a current customer).
  3. If they are happy, ask them on the spot if they can do a review on your FB page or other online medium. Or…
  4. Give them guidance on how to write a review – not everyone is comfortable expressing their ideas in words. Give customers a structure to follow or a form to fill out, or even samples to guide them. DO NOT PUT WORDS IN THEIR MOUTHS. I just visited a client who told me about her satisfaction with my services and how they’ve impacted her business, so I jumped on that and asked if she would mind doing a review on my FB page. – She got stuck and admitted she doesn’t write well. I guided her through it, and she gladly left a review.
  5. Send a thank-you card! This is a must. No way around it. Showing appreciation makes a customer feel important and valued. It is also a sign of goodwill; I can guarantee it will boost your bottom line long term.

Don’t forget to let us know how you go, we would love to hear from you on Facebook too!

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