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Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For

Dec 20 . 2016  

Especially when it comes to customers.

“The goal of business should not be to simply sell to anyone who wants what you have – the majority – but rather to find people who believe what you believe.”

Sound familiar? If you watched his TED talk or read the global bestseller Start with Why by Simon Sinek, you may recognize it.

I recently picked this title up again while on holiday. Using the time to relax, I’m enjoyed the break by reflecting on my business and my intentions for 2017.

Right now, the chapter I’m reading focuses on doing business with like-minded people. This really struck a chord with me because I come from a corporate background where, quite frankly, I felt like I never “fit in.” Throughout my corporate career, I continually questioned myself, put myself down, and forced myself into a mould which did not align to my core values.


It’s exhausting being someone you’re not. It’s not fun either. And while I kept working hard, I wasn’t loyal to the company.

So I left and struck out on my own in order to be the kind of productive, enthusiastic, passionate businesswoman I was meant to be.

And then this happened.

A few months ago, I attended a business networking event and connected with a potential client. Though my gut screamed, “No! Smile, turn around, and walk away!” I decided to move forward and avail this business of my expertise and services.

Big mistake.

From the get-go, I realized our values and beliefs were not aligned. After meeting with the marketing manager, I saw the stark differences in our respective approaches. To be fair, these were great people; we just weren’t working toward the same ends.


I truly wanted to help them – isn’t that what makes a good business person, after all? I genuinely knew they could benefit from what I had to offer. It’s like when you start dating that person who is so unlike you, but you believe you can change him/her…and we all know how that turns out.

I drug out the whole charade up until the moment I could have signed them. I remember sitting in the meeting and totally sabotaging my chance by recommending another action.

And you know what?

I felt incredibly relieved.

The bottom line is never, ever worth your job satisfaction.

Flashback to paragraph four of this article: I felt miserable in my previous jobs because the values of the company did not reflect my own. The discrepancies sucked the life out of me. Feeling fulfilled in your work is a key component to business success.


Today, I sometimes pinch myself because I rarely ever have a day where I don’t enjoy what I’m doing and who I’m working with! It has changed my life…and I’m not being dramatic here. I am happier, more generous, confident and building strong lasting relationships with people who support and encourage my business endeavours.


Sure I want to make money, but I also want to enjoy doing it. There is value in steering your own course and working with people you choose, you like.


In this one case, I went after the bottom line first. I didn’t trust my gut. Always trust your gut, people.


Work with individuals who embrace your values and beliefs. Create meaningful, authentic connections with them in order to foster relationships of trust and loyalty. Then regardless of what happens, those people will stick with you through thick and thin.


So let me ask you, when it comes to your business relationships, do you focus on people who share your core beliefs? I would love to know your thoughts, please comment below or share on our Facebook page!

1 thought on “Be Careful What You Wish For”

  1. When I think about my best clients, the answer is definitely yes, we do share the same core beliefs. We all know that a Speaking journey is a You journey. It starts with you. Thanks for another great article, so helpful and I love them!!

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