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How to Create Raving Fan Customers

How to Create Raving Fan Customers

Feb 21 . 2017  

What is the most expensive thing you can do as a business?

Acquire a new customer.

Think about the time, energy and money you put into acquiring your last customer – just thinking about it can be exhausting! As Tony Robbins says you’ve got to be a Gladiator if you want to not only survive but thrive in business and even the most successful business owners will admit it’s a battlefield.

So how can you as a business owner start working smarter and not harder?

Understanding that the easiest way to make additional money is to continually serve that same customer you worked so hard to acquire in the first place.

It all begins with treating your customer as a human being whom you plan on having a long term relationship with – turning them into quality clients. As long as you hold them as a customer, and treat them like a sales transaction then you’re always going to have a relationship that’s temporary in nature and consequently temporary in sales too.

Loyal clients can turn into raving fans who will be glued to your business for life and become your personal marketing machine – but you need to treat them right.  Here are three strategies to achieving that which stood out for me recently after attending Tony Robbins Business mastery in Sydney and which I had been sharing at my workshops too!

1. Give more than you promote

“Your goal is 3:1 or 4:1 of giving value to promoting you’re products”

Think about the last communication you had with your customer – were you promoting and selling something or were you providing value in ways that can truly benefit them? You need to give before you can take so make sure your content and communication reflects this throughout different touchpoints with the customer.

2. Use the principles of creating “jackpots” and “variable reinforcements’

How do you reinforce a certain behaviour like client excitement and loyalty? A jackpot has to appear while your customer is doing that particular thing you want! Create unexpected surprises and bonuses for your clients along the way – it can be as simple as saying thank you with a card, celebrating their key milestones or offering them something special that they will appreciate.

3. Always reward your best clients

80% of your revenue will often be coming from 20% of your customers – these are your best customers and they should be rewarded above and beyond what your core clients are receiving. Think of creative ways to reward them – including any special offers or discounts or provide extra value by providing bonus products/services they can benefit from.

If you would like to create raving fan customers and monetise from them strategically then my upcoming October Two Day Workshop might be for you – due to popular demand I have just released new dates in November also. Click here to book in a chat to see if your business qualifies.

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