Learn how to stand out and stay top of mind

According to the Business Dictionary, brand awareness is the “extent to which a brand is recognised by potential customers, and is correctly associated with a particular product.”


If you are you struggling to stand out among the marketing noise bombarding your customers and potential prospects, it’s time to take a stand! You must learn how to and stay top of mind.


Your brand in business is everything – your logo, your name, your words and your customer experience. Having a memorable brand helps to create a long-lasting position in the marketplace and long-term relationships with you customers.

Imagine this…


Imagine if your customers received a token of your appreciation in the mail? Not online, but an old-fashioned personal card or gift in the post, something tangible they got to physically open. Not many businesses do this any more – unless it is a dreaded bill.


But you could stand out, be different and be remembered for giving first and foremost. Imagine how they would feel and what they would say about you.


Do you think you would become more memorable?

Learn how to stand out and stay top of mind

Top-of-mind awareness is the highest level of brand awareness. This is the awareness you want because customers think of you first and foremost when it comes to your craft, buying a product or service or being well known in your industry.


The way you become top of mind is through repeated but different interactions with your customers and consistently delivering a great product or service and customer experience.


If you are top of mind with your customers and potential customers, you already have an edge and a huge advantage in the marketplace. This is where all businesses should strive to be.


The way to stand out and stay top of mind comes down to a strategy with a point of difference and personal touches that most businesses overlook.

Start connecting & build better relationships with your current clients today to increase your bottom line.

  • Janja’s knowledge on connection and relationship marketing runs deep and this is evident during her events and the information she shares. She walks her talk and builds connections with people quickly and easily, and you instantly feel like an old friend. Relationship marketing is the way of the future and Janja is the woman leading the way.

    - Elizabeth Campbell (EC Writing Services)
  • “I have been in sales for 12+ years and I know full well the importance of connection in customer retention and referrals.  Janja really wowed me with her expertise in this field and has provided a wealth of solutions to my business.  As a result, I have won new business and retained existing business which has boosted my bottom line.  Thank you Janja for your innovative and compelling solutions to boosting sales in my business.”

    - Sharon Grant, Founder (“Be More Awesome” Sales Training)
  • Thank you Janja for helping me implement a very simple but clever offline strategy to build a stronger, personal connection with my tribe! I am passionate about helping people scale their business by building a loyal following and leveraging their community and Janja shared ideas with me that complimented my online marketing strategies perfectly. By nurturing my community with a personal touch, I believe this helps to stand out from the crowd in a competitive environment.

    - Francesca Moi (Empowering Events)
  • For 15 years I have been teaching businesses the benefits of email personalisation and relationship marketing through online channels. Janja has opened my eyes up to brand new ideas of personalisation and relationship marketing that bridges the gap between online and offline marketing. I have discovered a fantastic new opportunity to strengthen my relationships in business and life. And, the best part is that it’s so much fun (and rewarding) for both me and my clients!

    - Sheena Alexandra (BeScene Video Marketing)

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